This is the page where I get to show off other people's work.  I'll stick mainly to models of the Titanic, but I'm more than happy to publish other models.  Please send any pictures to

My Models





Some of my other models - Nothing to do with the Fokker Triplane, but I thought you might like to see some of my other work.

The Yatch America 1851

A couple of famous bicycles.

(Don't ask me which ones - I lost the boxes ages ago)

An eagle.

(Actually a Games Workshop model - great fun to paint.)

A little Fokker Dr1, sitting on a mobile phone.

A Gattling Gun

One of the Luftwaffe experimental planes - I don't think this one ever left the drawing board.

Barney Bream's Model


Brian's Cessan 182, built from scrap.

Sean's Bently and Fiat

Harold's Completed Triplane