Announcement about a new web site from me.

I have also started a new web site which covers all part work models released in the UK.  There is a community of modellers who like the partwork style, and I have created this web site as a portal to bring them together.   As the site covers all partworks, the models, modellers and forum will survive from build to build, rather than finishing with one project, and then starting from scratch when a new one comes along.

There is a forum attached to the new web site at  It's a great place to compare notes, admire other people's work, and show off your own work.

Build The Red Baron's Fighter Plane is a magazine published by Hachette Partworks.  It's a weekly magazine, with the main aim being to complete a 1/8 scale model of the the Red Baron's Fokker Dr1 Triplane, which will take 100 issues, or 2 years.  I would suggest that first time visitors read the 'Magazine' Page, then have a look at the model pages. 

Click on the photo for a bigger picture

Here are the sizes of the original aircraft and the model.

original Fokker DR1



7.19 m (23 ft 7in)

90 cm (35 in)


5.77 m (18 ft 11 in)

72 cm (28 in)


2.95 m (8 ft 6 in)

37 cm (15 in)

Just in case anybody is thinking of it - it is not possible to convert this model to radio control.  The construction is too heavy to not strong enough.  If you want to get into radio control, please go to your local model shop, or better still, local flying club.  They will give sound advice on what to buy (and what not to buy).

Please note that this site has no connection with Hachette Publications.

Note : Please see the caution regarding the instructions in weeks 38, 39 & 40, and also a correction to the instructions in week 55.


Hachette have changed the Customer Services.  The new Customer Services are Jacklin Enterprises

Phone number: 0870 920 1138

Fax number: 0870 920 1135


If anybody has any suggestions, please drop me an Email.  If anybody has any photos that they would like me to consider publishing on this site I would like to hear from them.  Pictures of Models are particularly welcome.


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Please note that this site has no connection with Hachette publications.

Disclaimer :  The information and advise on this web site is given in good faith and with the best intentions.  However, I will not be held responsible in any way for any loss or damage caused by following the advice I give.  You use the information on this web site entirely at your own risk, especially where it deviates from the instructions given in the magazine.  Or to put it another way - if it all goes wrong, don't come asking me to pay for a replacement kit.  This is the way I am building the kit, it's not necessarily the best way, and I may well make mistakes.  Having said that, I hope you all find the site useful and enjoyable.