This page is where I'm going to publish items which will help you get the details correct.  Typically it will be things not covered by the magazine, or are causing confusion.  Most of these will come from other people as there are many out there far more knowledgeable about the Fokker Dr1 than I am.  I'm a modeler, not a historian.  However, I will only publish items that I am reasonably confident are correct.  Of course, I'm not going to guarantee that everything is correct, you use the information at your own risk.

Colours.  Philip has advised that the wood should be painted a translucent orange to get an authentic colour.

Trailing edges.  Andrew Wood has made the following observation.

The parts that make up the trailing edges for the wings will be in the form of a scalloped piece of wood. This is inaccurate if you wish to keep the model in skeletal form. Use a straight piece of wire (as per the real thing) instead. The fabric would pull the wire in between the ribs on the aircraft when the dope was applied. The dope tightened and shrank the fabric, causing the scalloped shapes in the trailing edge. A piece of 5amp fuse wire, straightened with a steel ruler on a piece of glass should do the trick