Week 100  This week we get the engine cowling

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Lots to do this week.  Top wing, undercarriage, wheels, machine guns, tail feathers, careening, cockpit veneer & trim, and the rigging.

First I glued the top wing in position with just the outer struts.  Take your time to get is straight and square, and let the glue set thoroughly.

Now try fitting the inner struts.  The V shaped brackets should hold themselves in the top wing spar, and you can fiddle about with the struts until you get a good fit.  A bit of fiddling and fettling and they should fit OK.  I have to file the rear one away a bit to clear the middle wing main spar.

Before going any further, test fit the careening.  Check it with the struts in place, and also the machine guns.  I had to lengthen the square holes for the machine gun ammo chutes.  I also had to trim back the front tabs as shown in the photo.  This was simply because the tabs would not go down behind the ply strip that holds the side veneers.

Fit the front rigging, then glue the careening in place.  I used some scrap wood glued to the back of the fire wall at the top to give the careening a bit more support.  I used Araldite for this.

When the careening is in place, add the inner struts.

Now here is a good tip.  To fix the rigging at the top, use a junior hack saw and cut a shallow slot in the V shaped brackets, where they fit onto the main spar.  When you glue them in place, trap the rigging in the slot and pull tight.  Then the glue dries simply cut off the excess.

Now add the cockpit veneer.  Note how this sits on the careening quite neatly.  Glue it on with Araldite, and then add the brown trim.  I used super glue for this.

Now turn the model over and lets start on the undercarriage.  Note that you need to make a good job of fitting the undercarriage as it has to support the weight of the model.

The rear struts are already glued to the undercarriage.  The ends are just a little narrower than the fixing brackets on the bottom of the fuselage.  This is perfect as they held themselves in place beautifully.  Test fit the front struts and then glue everything in place.  For some strange reason I had to shorten one of the struts the get the undercarriage to sit square.  I can only assume that I didn't get the fuselage frames quite perfect.  To shorten a strut, file the end of the strut, and the end of the leg of the bracket that it fits to by the same amount.  You will also need to file off the two little pips. 

When the glue has dried add the rigging.

Here it is the right way up.  Note that it's standing on some pegs to keep the weight of the trailing edge of the winglet.

Now I turned my attention to the tail feathers.  The tail plane was added first, then the support struts were fixed.

I did a quick mod to the support struts.  Cut off the square end.  I.e. The end that fixes to the tail plane.  I then chamfered the end so it sat flush against the tail plane spar.  This gave a neater finish than the clumpy square bracket, and butted up nicely against the hinge.

Rudder next.  This glued in place easily.

I have glued all the moving surfaces in place.  This is partly to make the model stronger, partly because I think the surfaces will droop over time as the thread stretches, and partly because I don't want people fiddling with the model.

It was quite straight forward tying off the control cables.

Now to the front end.  The engine and cowling went on nicely.  I just had to file down the propeller shaft so that the front bearing would sit closer to the engine, and allow the cowling to fit flush with the rear of the fire wall.  The prop fitted easily. 

Machine guns next.  These went on without problem, but I had done several dry runs when fitting the careening.  I had left the spent cartridge chutes off the guns, and fitted these after the guns were in place.

This completes the model.

Click on the picture for a hi-res version

I hope you have enjoyed following my build, and if you are building the model yourself, I hope you have found the web site useful.


How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

12 hrs

Running total :

266 hrs

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