Week 99  This week we get some stickers and a throttle quadrant

The bits we received

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And what we did with them

The undercarriage will need some careful assembly.  It will support the full weight of the model, so needs to be strong.  Therefore I've used slow setting Araldite as usual.  I glued the rear struts in place first. 

Then I glued these to the undercarriage winglet.  I'll leave the front struts until I mount the undercarriage on the plane.. This will allow me to get the position of the front struts perfect.

The pins get fitted next.  These need a little filing to get them to fit nicely, and to remove the mould lines.  It is important that you do this as the sharp mould lines may cut into the rubber bands.  When I glued all the bits in place there must have been a trace of Araldite on the outside of the pins, or on the rubber bands as they are glued in place.  This is not a great problem as I carefully put them in the right position before the glue dried.  This was not plain luck, I thought that there might be traces of glue left.

Finally, here is the throttle quadrant fitted.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :

254 hrs

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