Week 97  This week we get the first set of undercarriage struts

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Keep the undercarriage parts for later.  This week we are fitting the two lower wings.  But first I'm going to fit the air inlet tubes.  They were a little on the long side, so I cut about 1/4" off them.  I left about 1/4" of tube protruding.  Check each side individually as mine needed different lengths cutting off each tube.  Then glue them in place with Araldite.  Use some spacers to make sure the tubes sit centrally in the hole in the veneer while the glue sets.

Fixing the wings.  I have strayed from the instructions a little here.  I fitted the middle wing first.  This is because the position of the middle wing is fixed by the fuselage brackets and cannot be easily adjusted, whereas there is a bit of latitude for moving the bottom wing.

Here is the middle wing in place.  The little brackets were a right pain, as they don't want to go in the holes easily.  I drilled out the holes in the brackets on the fuselage so that they are a loose fit.  I also elongated the holes in the wing spar.  Now they can be fiddled into place, and are held with Araldite, as can be seen below.  All very fiddly, but the finished result is not bad.   Let the glue dry completely (I allowed 24 hours) before continuing.

Next comes the bottom wing.  Do a good deal of dry fitting before applying glue.  Fit the two outboard struts to the underneath of the middle wing.  Then fit the wing to these and persuade the brackets in clip into place.  These go easily if you slide the wing backwards a bit, Push the clips down over the spars, then slide them forward.  I used 24 hour Araldite (Now called Araldite precision) as it gave me plenty of time to get everything square.  I held the wings against the struts with masking tape while the glue was drying.

Remember that there was a modification in week 77.   You will notice that I haven't tried removing the brackets to replace them with the new parts supplied this week.  I have just cut the rods free and glued them in place as per the photos below.  I used viscous super glue for this, partly because the parts do not carry any load so a strong joint is not essential, and partly because I couldn't see an easy way of holding them while slow setting Araldite went off.

Here is the model with two wings fitted

I'm going to leave the cockpit veneer until after I have fitted the metal over wing cowling (careening) as it looks as if it will be easier to fit then.

I have also measured the aileron control cables and tied them to the control column under the cockpit floor.  With hind sight, I should have done this before gluing the bottom wing in place.  It was rather fiddly.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

6 hrs

Running total :

249 hrs

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