Week 95  This week we get the cockpit trim

The bits we received

And what we did with them

This issue shows us adding the tail plane and rudder.  I'm not going to do this yet as they look fragile and easy to damage while handling the model.

What I have done is fix the tail skid.

I tied the rubber to one side of the fuslage, went round the skid a few times, and back up to the other side and tied it off again.  Pull the knots tight, seal with super glue and crop the ends.  It was a bit tricky and took a couple of attempts to get right.

Here is a close up (sorry the focus isn't quite right)

Next came the control cables.  These are simply tied to the rudder bar and control column, and the ends left loose for the moment.

I have not tied the short lengths for the aileron controls.  This is done as it will be very difficult to feed the cables down through the cockpit area once the wings and other parts are in place.  However, I shall simply put a couple of pieces of thread in pace with the ends taped in position, tie the control cables to one end and pull them through.  I think this will be easier than joining the cables.

Here are the cables in the cockpit.  Notice I've used a slightly different coloured thread.  This adds a little bit of contrast between the fixed rigging and the control cables.  I've no idea if it's historically accurate, in fact probably not, but I think it improves the look of the model.  You'll see the diluted white glue onthe knots to seal them.  Once dry the ends get trimmed of course.

Hot tip of the week

1.  Tie the control cables to the rudder bar before you install it - it's very fiddly to do at this stage !!

2.  A killer of a tip to aid rigging.  Put a spot of white glue on your finger and roll the end on the twine between your fingers, getting the glue well into it.  The glue will set in 10 mins or so and leave you with a needle like point that is very easy to thread through the holes in the controls, frames, etc.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :

243 hrs

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