Week 94  This week we get the remaining wing struts

The bits we received

And what we did with them

I haven't done anything with the struts yet - I'll wait till we fit the top wing.

Hind sight tip :  Fix the control cables to the rudder bar before doing anything else.  They should be 62 cm long according to the instructions.
Doing them after the rudder bar is installed is a right so-and-so.

The first job is to glue the tank and cross bars in position.  This is a bit of a fiddly job, but take your time checking the positions before you apply glue.  It's imperative that you prepare the surfaces to be glued properly so that you get a good strong join.  Glue the tank and cross bars in first.  It's worth adding the fuse wire mentioned in the instructions as this will make the model a lot stronger.  Do a neat job and it will be almost invisible.  It also helps to bend the fuselage spars in a bit so that they aren't trying to spring out.  Leave the ammo box until later.  When the glue is completely dry add the ammo box.  Use the machine guns to make sure you get the ammo box in the right place.

Here is a photo from a different angle.

Here are the two brackets on the instrument bar glued in place.  The tissue is simply to sto pthe joy stick rattling about and damaging anything.

Here is the tank cross bar.  I used viscous super glue for this.  The blooming wiped off.

And here is the cockpit side glued in place.  I used epoxy for this.

Finally the pilots step and ground handling handles were glued in place.  I'm not completely sure of the right angle for these, so I put the step vertical and the handles at about 45 degrees.  I used super glue so I can unglue them at re-position if it turns out that I've got it wrong.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

5 hrs

Running total :

240 hrs

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