Week 91  This week we get the gauge fronts and glass, and the careening.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The careening is saved for later.  All we do this week is to fix the dial faces to the instruments and gauges.

Firstly stick the dial faces on.  Quite simply, just be careful to get them straight.

I found that a cotton bud was useful to push the down firmly.

Next we add the 'glass' faces.  The discs of plastic do a good job of representing the glass.  The are sized to fit on top of the instruments.  However, You can improve the look of things by trimming the plastic discs down a little so that they fit inside the outer bezel.  Trim them evenly with a very sharp knife until they just drop inside the bezel.  I glued these in place with a tiny amount of slightly diluted white PVA applied with a small brush.

Items not yet competed

Week 68 :  Cross bar above tank
Week 90 :   Cross bar brackets

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

1 hr

Running total :

225 hrs

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