Week 83  This week we get the seat

The bits we received

And what we did with them

I sprayed the seat silver first.  I didn't like the cast metal finish.

The next task was to add the brown plastic trim.  This is a right so-and-so to glue in place.  I used thick super glue, which worked OK, but the glue that squeezed out spoilt the paint finish.  I sanded/scraped off the excess super glue, then I then got some masking fluid and painted it on the brown trim, and re-sprayed the seat silver.  This worked a treat.

The support brackets were then glued in place with Araldite.  No problems, but I needed to devise a way of holding the brackets in place against the frame, since the gap was too small to get a clamp in.

Some off cuts of wood, slightly tapered came to the rescue.  Just push them into the gap until they hold the brackets in place.  Don't forget the bar that was supplied in issue 53.

The seat cushion is going to get a bit extra treatment.  The seat cushion should be leather, not ply wood.

The ply disc needed trimming to fit the metal seat.  No great problem, just trim it with a knife, then sand the edge smooth with sandpaper.  It doesn't need to be a particularly good fit it you are make it look like a cushion.  The I smeared a think layer of 'Green Stuff' epoxy putty over it.  I just smoothed this with a wet finger to give a smooth, but contoured surface.  Round the edges.  It just needed a couple of rough edges sanding when the putty was dry.

(Click the image for a Hi-Res picture)

The seat has quite a subtle painting technique which gives the effect of slightly worn leather.  Paint it brown first and let this dry.  It will probably take a couple of coats.  Now select a light colour, I used a flesh coloured paint, and paint areas where you want the leather to look worn.  I painted it along the front edge of the cushion and in the middle where bum meets leather.  No need to make this neat, just feather the edges so you don't get a hard line.  Again, let this dry.  Finally, take your original colour, and give the whole seat a thin coat of paint.  The lighter paint will show through, giving a nice subtle effect.

Hot tip of the week

Adding a few extra details (like a seat cushion that looks like leather) will add a lot of realism to your model.

Green Stuff is available from the Games Workshop.  They make the Warhammer range of war gaming figures.  The putty is particularly good.  Easy to work and it sticks well.  Leave it 24 hours to go off properly.  I have found that all the Games Workshop modelling materials are very good.  I use them quite a lot and get good results. 

Items not yet competed

Week 53 : Fix the seat support brackets : Done

Week 56 : Wing tip skids : Done

Week 57 : Tail skid : Done

Week 68 :  Cross bar above tank

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

4 hrs

Running total :

214 hrs

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