Week 68  This week we get the fuel tank fittings

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Pretty straight forward this week. Just one thing to watch.  I checked the width of the frames and compared them against the width across the brackets.  Measure the width from the width of the holes on the fire wall since the front section should be parallel.  I found that the tank mounting brackets would come out a little too wide, so I recessed them into the side of the tank a little.

The bar across the top is actually part of the fuselage frame rather than the tank.  I'll put that in position when I install the tank.

Here is a photo of the finished tank.  The fittings have been fitted, holes filled with model filler, and the whole tank has been rubbed down and re-sprayed.  I'm still going to leave the cross bar until the tank is fitted.

Items not yet competed

Week 47 : Tail Skid support

Week 51 : Fix the cockpit bulkhead

Week 53 : Fix the seat support brackets

Week 56 : Wing tip skids

Week 57 : Tail skid

Week 68 :  Cross bar above tank


How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

2 hrs

Running total :

172 hrs

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