Week 59  This week we get the aileron spars and control horns

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first thing to do is to glue the U shaped tip onto the brass spar.

Use traditional Araldite, not the quick-set stuff.

Next, I taped the assembly to the wing.  This not only makes it easy to position the ribs, but also lifts the spar up a bit so that it's easier to glue the ribs in place. 

You will notice that the wing tip is curved, whereas the bit of aileron that butts against the wing tip is straight.  I'll straighten the wing tip later to give an even gap.  In the meantime, just put the end of the aileron up tight against the wing tip.

The next task is to glue the 5 identical ribs in place.  Place the wing on a building board, and glue the 5 ribs to the brass spar, using my favourite Araldite.  Take the aileron trailing edge and place it near the tips of the ribs.  You can now check that the aileron ribs are in line with the wing ribs, and also line up with the slots in the trailing edge.  Now leave it for about 8 to 10 hours for the glue to start to go off.  I found that after this amount of time the glue was holding strongly, but you could still move the ribs a little to correct any misalignment. 

Now hold the trailing edge in place.  Take the two smaller ribs and try them in place.  I found that I needed to trim the trailing edge to get them to fit nicely.  The slots needed adjusting so that the T bar would fit, and the end needed trimming back as it was a little too long.  Now glue the trailing edge in place along with the two shorter ribs, and hold everything together with masking tape.

Now leave it to set properly for at least 24 hours.

I decided to fit the centre spar next.  Nothing difficult, just use small amounts of Araldite and leave it to set.

Next I added the outboard rib as shown.  You will notice the I turned it round.  Having carried out several dry runs with the rib and brass rod together,the parts seemed to fit together better this way.  After the glue for the rib was dry, I added the brass rod.  I used masking tape to hold the pieces in place while the glue was setting.

Finally I fitted the inboard brass.  Not that the hinges and control horn are also fitted.  Those were fitted before removing the aileron from the wing.  The last bit of brass rod was fitted after it was removed.

Hot tip of the week

The easiest way to remove excess Araldite is to wait for about 8 hours.  By then it will be holding properly, but still soft, and can be cut away easily.  The parts will still need supporting while to continues to set as there is a chance that they can still sag.

Items not yet competed

Week 47 : Tail Skid support

Week 51 : Fix the cockpit bulkhead

Week 53 : Fix the seat support brackets

Week 56 : Wing tip skids

Week 57 : Tail skid

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

6 hrs

Running total :

141 hrs

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