Week 47  This week continue with the fuselage

The bits we received

The second frame, tail support and inlet manifolds

And what we did with them

First off I attacked the frame with a file to get it to fit nicely.  This involved quite a lot of filing, test fitting, more filing, etc.  Then I glued it in place using 24 hour Araldite.  This IS the best glue for the job.  It sticks very well.  The only down side is that you need to clamp parts in place as holding them for 24 hours while the glue sets is a real bind.  You can see how I held the frame in place with clothes pegs and some scrap wood.  Make sure everything is square, then leave it to set. 

Next I put the spars in place.  I had to put a gentle bend in the spars to get them to fit nicely.    Again, hold everything with clothes pegs and make sure it's all square.

You need to make sure that the right angled parts are square and upright.  Draw a couple of lines the same distance apart on the strips of wood.  The exact distance doesn't matter, as long as they are both the same.  Now line the spars up with the marks and clamp with clothes pegs.  Now leave it to set.

This is what the completed assembly should look like.  

I'm going to leave the tail skid support until later as it will probably get in the way during assembly of the fuselage.

Here is the tail skid support glued in place.  Note that the two tabs fit better on the outside rather than the inside.  They just need a smooth off with a file.  As usual, I used Araldite to glue it in place.

Items not yet competed

Week 47 : Tail Skid support

Hot tip of the week

Normal Araldite takes 24 hours to set.  Not just overnight, but the full 24 hours.  It's worth the wait as this is far better than the 'Quick Set' version.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :

119 hrs

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