Week 40  This week we get the top spar centre section

Please note:  The instructions say that the holes in the outboard sections of the spar should go towards the front.  However, I think that all the holes in the spar should go towards the rear.  If you have already constructed weeks 38 & 39, but not 40, simply swap the left and right spars.  If you have completed week 40 as per the instructions, just drill holes in the rear of the spar.  A detailed explanation of this will be written below.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

I've deviated from the instructions slightly.  First, glue the bottom of the spar in place, and then follow it with the bracing piece as shown.  Use a couple of bits of scrap to make sure you have the right gap between the sides of this and the uprights.  This make it stronger to handle.  Use a ruler to make sure everything is straight.  Do both ends.

Now glue the sides in place.  Note :  When gluing the sides, all the holes must go towards the rear.

When the sides are in place add all the strengthening pieces.  

Here you can see how I've used 'reversed' clothes pegs to hold the parts together.  Note the ruler making sure everything is straight.

Now add the tops and that completes the work.

Just a final note.  I did need to widen the slots in the side pieces slightly to get the spacers to fit easily.  I used an emery board for this.

What to do if you've already assembled this week with the outboard holes towards the front ?  Simple.  Just drill some more holes in the back.  Measure the distance from the nearest rib to the centre of the hole.  Make the correct position on the rear of the spar, then drill.  You can fill the hole at the front with natural coloured wood filler.

Hot tip of the week

Reversed clothes pegs are incredibly useful when modelling.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

2 hrs

Running total :

97 hrs

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