Week 35  This week we get the tail plane spars

The bits we received

Various brass spars for the tail plane

And what we did with them

Firstly, clean all the metal parts - they were filthy !!  I used meths, but there are a multitude of alternatives.  Then gave them all a sand with fine wet-n-dry.  Now make the marks on the square spar as per the instructions.

I strayed from the instructions here.  Firstly I files the square ends of the ribs so that the all were flush with the edge of the square brass rod.  Then I glued the 1st and last rib in place as shown.  I used thick superglue, but the recommended two part epoxy would give a stronger join.  I shall add a fillet of 24hr Araldite later to strengthen the whole thing.  When the glue had set I fitted the leading edge.

Now I could fit the two remaining spares in place, adjusting the length so that they are in the right place according to the marks on the square section, and are all parallel.  They were both a little long and needed shortening.

Finally fit the last spar.  I found that the holes didn't quite line up.  Almost, but not quite.  There is a very simply fix.  Just put a very gentle bend in the spar, and it slides in nicely.  The curve is even over the length and very gentle, so you could only see it if you looked for it.   Of course,once the tail plane is covered it won't be visible anyway.

Hot tip of the week

Clean all metal parts, and use sandpaper to key the surface.  It makes the difference between a strong model, and one that falls apart while you are trying to build it !!

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

4 hrs

Running total :

85 hrs

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