Week 29  This week we get the engine detail

The bits we received

Three lengths of brass to make the push rods, and a bearing for the engine to spin on.

And what we did with them

First, I fitted the inlet manifolds.  These needed tidying up with a file, then gluing in place with thick super glue.

Next the push rods were cut to length and glued in place.  I squared up the ends with a needle file and glued them in place with the trusty thick super glue.

The engine will now be sprayed, then the inlet manifolds will be painted copper colour with a brush.  The plug leads will be fitted after painting.

Try the bearing on the engine.  Note that it only goes on one way round.

Here the engine has been painted with satin finish black paint.  It is glare from the flash that makes it look grey in places - it is actually black.  The inlet manifolds have been painted with a coppery brass paint.  Now it needs a bit of highlighting to give it a more interesting look, white paint on the plugs, and some plug leads.  The highlighting will probably consist of some steel grey dry brushed on the fins and crank case, and a dark wash applied to the manifolds to emphasize the ring just below the cylinder head, and make it look a little less new.

(Click on these images for hi res images)

Here is the first stage. Simply dry brushing with a steel coloured paint. Notice how it has emphasized the the contours and bolt heads.  It has also taken off the starkness of the black.  See week 56 for some tips on dry brushing.

(Click this image for a hi res version)

Now I have painted in the white of the spark plugs and weathered the manifolds.  Notice how they look dirty.  This is a very simply technique.  Take some thinners and some black paint.  Now mix plenty of thinners with a little black paint.  You're really making dirty thinners rather than thinned paint.  Then just brush it on with a large soft brush.  Dab a little more paint on where you want a stronger effect, such as round the raised rings in the manifolds.  It dulls down the stark copper paint nicely.

Finally I added some copper coloured wire.  This is a copper coloured wire sold in a hobby shop, rather than real copper wire.  It actually looks more realistic in my opinion.  The wire is simply super glued in place.  The original wire would have been uninsulated and held tight be springs.  I've just pulled it as tight as I can get it.

And here is a view from the front of the engine.

You can click on both of these photos for a hi-res image.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

5 hrs

Running total :

77 hrs

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