Week 04  This week we get the first machine gun

The bits we received

The castings are quite good and fit together well.

And what we did with them

First off I assembled the nozzle and glued it to the brass rod.  The nozzle took quite a bit of filing to get it half reasonable.  Test fit the rest of the parts and make any adjustments that are necessary.  I found that the fit was pretty good.

Then I washed the parts in thinners, let them dry and sprayed them with Halfords grey primer.  The nozzle assembly and the insides of the barrel guard were then sprayed black. 

Next I glued the main components together and spent ages removing the join lines with a needle file.

Watch this space - I need to buy some satin black paint before I can continue.

Hot tip of the week

Clean the metal parts with soapy water and rinse well, then allow to dry thoroughly.  Alternatively use a solvent (paint thinners, etc.) and allow to dry thoroughly.  If you use a solvent use it in a well ventilated room as the fumes can be harmful.

Spray them with a metal primer.  This will give you a good finish.  The paint is likely to chip off if you don't use a primer.

Tip from Harold about how he finished his gun.

I have just finished assembly of the "Spandau" machine gun. I found an old tin of Humbrol No.23 which is a perfect colour for the gun. It is a black/gunmetal finish and looks very authentic. After the paint had dried, I rubbed it very, very lightly, with the finest of steel wool, over the relief parts i.e breach block etc., just to give the impression of wear and tear from the pilots use and the armourers bench. I am pleased with the final result. 

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

4 hrs

Running total :

11 hrs

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