Week 1.  This is where it all starts, with the undercarriage winglet.

The bits we received

2mm laser cut sheet of ply, some strip wood and the first of nine engine cylinders.

And what we did with them

First, glue the spar section together.  Make sure it's square.

Glue the ribs on, again, make sure they're straight and square - we don't want a warped winglet.  I used the trailing edge as a guide to make certain that the ribs were all square.

Cut the dowels to length, add them, the remaining two ribs and trailing edge.  This is the stage where it's important to make sure the winglet stays flat.

Bend the rib caps to shape before you glue them.  I generally steam planks, but be careful as it's very easy to burn yourself.  I wouldn't recommend steam to anybody unless you know what you're doing.  You can dampen the wood and bend it, or roll it, and no doubt there are several other methods.

Don't try and glue straight planks in place - it will only twist your winglet.

Here are the 6 upper rib caps, all bent to shape.  I've also tapered the front end to match the step in the rib.

I glued the lower caps in place, then tapered the trailing edge.  Aim to get a thin edge at the rear, and a smooth transition from rib to trailing edge, so that the rib caps have a smooth surface to sit on..  When I was happy, I glued the top rib caps in place.

Her you can see the top rib caps in place - all bar the far one which went on after the photo was taken.

The next job is to thin down the rib caps at the trailing edge so that there wont be lumps in the trailing edge on the finished model.  As you can see, I tok it down to almost nothing, and keep an even curve so you don't spoil the profile of the winglet.

Now give it a light sanding and put it way safely - it won't be needed again for a good while yet.

Hot tip of the week

Use a good quality white PVA glue to glue the parts together.  This will allow the bits to be moved a little to get the position correct, but the glue also 'grabs' quite quickly.
Use masking tape rather than 'Sellotape' as the glue is designed to come off the model rather than stick permanently.


How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :

3 hrs

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